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We offer expert services of legal support, consultancy, and expert witness reports guiding stars on the journey to court success.

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At Clinical Witness Reports, we specialise in providing comprehensive medical expert reports tailored for the legal sector. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of the judicial process, our dedicated team collaborates closely with solicitors to deliver meticulous, evidence-based assessments. Whether it’s for personal injury, medical negligence, or other medico-legal cases, our expertise ensures that every report is precise, credible, and crafted to stand robustly in any courtroom

Nurse Practitioner Expert

Services Offered by Clinical Witness Reports

At Clinical Witness Reports, our professional medical expert witnesses are well-versed and highly skilled in multiple areas, ensuring comprehensive support and nursing consultancy in all medico-legal matters. We offer a wide range of expertise through our team of seasoned medical consultants and nurse expert witnesses.

Surgical Expert Witness Services

Surgical expert witness services provide critical insights and authoritative testimonies for legal cases involving medical procedures and outcomes.

Medical Expert Witness Services

Medical expert witness services offer essential analysis and testimony in legal disputes related to healthcare and treatment.

Nursing Expert Witness Services

Nursing expert witness services contribute valuable perspectives and evidence in legal matters concerning nursing care and practices.

Allied Health Expert Witness Services

Allied Health Expert Witness Services provide crucial expertise in legal cases involving diverse healthcare disciplines and practices.

Mental Health Expert Witness Services

Mental Health Expert Witness Services offer critical insights and testimony on issues related to psychological well-being in court.

Other Healthcare Expert Witness Services

Healthcare Expert Witness Services deliver key expert opinions and testimonies across a broad spectrum of medical legal cases.


I personally use Clinical Witness Reportd in a wide range of clinical negligence claims. The reports produced are of very high quality and concise. Their experts are approachable, together with an excellent understanding of the legal framework and are highly dependable when it comes to litigation.

Kevin Pike

Livingstone Brown

Many thanks for this. I wasn’t expecting the report this quickly, so I really do appreciate you getting the repot to me expeditiously.   As an aside, this is probably the best example a nursing expert report I have seen. Extremely thorough and detailed, leaving no stone unturned. Very impressed.

Withy King Solicitors

As I am just writing to the defendant again, with a full letter of claim, based on the conclusion of your report, first of all I would like to thank you again for what is one of the most helpful breach of duty reports I think I have ever had. It is so exceptionally thorough, reasoned and clearly set out, even by your own very high standards. On that basis, it gives me a very sound platform to go back to the defendant trust with

Michael Hartley

Good Law Solicitors

Pharmacist Expert Witness services

At Clinical Witness Reports, we stand as a beacon of knowledge and professionalism, offering support, consultancy, and expert witness services. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering the highest level of expertise in legal and medical contexts, facilitating the pursuit of justice.

Contact us today to explore how our services can benefit your legal case. Trust Clinical Witness Reports for thorough, professional, and expert support throughout your legal journey.

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